How do I save something in Slack?

Updated 6 months ago ​by Memo Team

There are 2 ways to save a note in Memo directly from Slack.

  1. To quickly save an interesting message, simply star it ⭐️  in Slack. It will be saved in your private Memo board. 

    Memo does not have permission to access Slack stars, unless this permission is expressly given by each user. Therefore, if you install Memo, Memo will only save things you star. Every other user in your team that wants to use the star save functionality in Memo will have to enable this feature for themselves. 
  2. To save a note or a URL on-the-go, without switching context, type /memo note and/or URL.

    Any notes saved with /memo will be visible only to you, no matter where in Slack you save them—in private or public channels, in direct or multi-party DMs. 

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